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Texto síntese sobre o projeto submetido no Etwinning (em Inglês):
  7 months, 7 resources - debating today's global issues
 (Ready to start project)
This Portuguese extracurricular project wants to establish a partnership within the framework of Etwinning with an European school

A group of third cycle students, from the 7th, 8th and 9th grades (aged 12-15) is quite interested in having an online exchange of points of view with students from a foreign European school.
This project, which is supported by the school library , is intended to stimulate students' research on themes they are concerned about (refugees, bullying, global warming, ...) , providing them with inputs for discussion and clarification of ideas, mainly through the exploration of different media.
School sessions will take place on a weekly basis and once a month there will be a chance to have a videoconference.
Having students involved in such a project is an opportunity to give them voice and to promote a wide range of skills (language, technology, media, ...) , helping them to be better citizens. As a matter of fact, the ability to think critically on several matters, as well as to listen to and understand (respect) others' opinions (and express themselves in English) is a key purpose of this project.

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